Robot-Assisted Automated Rework with Upstream Contour Detection

Automated fettling


Robot-assisted rework involves measuring deviations from the desired state of a work piece. The robot path movement is adapted to these individual deviations.

Depending on the application, rework is performed with corresponding tools for deburring, cutting, cleaning/milling or grinding.


  • Higher product quality and consistency contribute to an improved market position and higher profits
  • Reproducibility of the rework results maintains the consistent high dimensional accuracy of the supplied parts
  • Overall shorter cycle times for post-processing and production
  • Work which is physically demanding and dangerous due to dust and vapours no longer needs to be performed manually
  • Lower employee turnover


Robot-assisted rework with upstream contour detection is the ideal choice to replace manual labour in challenging and physically demanding environments such as fettling of cast parts. Detecting deviations from the desired state using upstream contour detection (robot vision) is a big advantage when it comes to using robots for rework tasks. The robot path movement is adapted to the respective individual deviations. Not only does this save time and energy, the quality of the automated post-processing is improved as well. Thanks to its flexibility and our comprehensive experience, this method can be used in a wide range of machining processes.

Until now, the fact that casting flash doesn't have sharply defined boundaries has made automated rework extremely difficult and sometimes even impossible. This situation can be resolved by combining robotics with inspection and measuring technology. A targeted automated rework process results.

Contour Detection


Typical applications for automated rework are:

  • Robot-assisted deburring
  • Robot-assisted cutting
  • Robot-assisted cleaning/milling (fettling)
  • Robot-assisted grinding

Please consult our experts about your individual performance requirements for robotic, vision-based automated rework.

Application example for Robotic Rework: