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With automated bin picking using Binspect®, randomly placed production parts are picked reliably from bins (e.g. mesh crates).

Then the parts can be used directly for further processing. Bin picking uses a combination of robotics and intelligent image processing and is considered the future of artificial vision systems.


  • One-sided, physically demanding and monotonous work is taken out of the hands of employees
  • Stable operation even in harsh environments such as foundries, forges, etc.
  • Short setup times – continuous delivery through sequential bin replacement
  • Full utilisation of the flexibility of a robot cell
  • Part detection in the bin is immune to external light sources
  • Space required for automatic part feeding is significantly smaller
  • Innovative software solutions for short, practically feasible cycle times with high system availability
  • Industrial design with protection class IP65


The Binspect® vision system is placed over a mesh crate with randomly placed components. The 3D laser light section method is used to scan the component orientation and the position data of possible gripping points on the components. Then this information is used to determine whether it is possible to reach the component(s) to be automatically picked. The collision-free robot path is calculated. Then the parts are picked reliably and supplied directly to the downstream production process.


Just about any sort of part, such as shafts, piston rods or pipes, are suitable for bin picking. The larger and heavier the components are, the more useful automated bin picking is for the customer in order to unburden his employees.

Application example for Robot Bin Picking:

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