Robot-Assisted Inspection Systems

Robot-Assisted Inspection System


We partner with our sister company Automation W+R in Munich to develop and supply robot-assisted inspection systems for automated surface inspection, crack testing and complex completeness checks.


  • Automated 100 % inline inspections allow you to detect defective parts reliably and objectively
  • An automatic surface inspection provides objective quality statistics
  • Based on the quality statistics, targeted optimisations of the production process lead to significant reduction of scrap rates
  • Your competitors may often have failed to recognise the potential for automation of quality inspections


We use vision components mounted on the robot to search for predefined attributes which define quality, using both 2D and 3D cameras. True three dimensional capture with a resolution of 0.1 mm using the laser light section method is achieved in this way. Sophisticated inspection software processes the data obtained in this manner, and at the same time provides part feeding, sensor and system integration functionality.

Work pieces which meet the predefined quality attributes can be passed on directly to the next process step. Component which exhibit defects and thus don't meet the quality requirements are taken out of the production process immediately. Since defects are identified and documented by the software, robot-assisted automated quality inspection makes it very easy to determine which types of defects occur most frequently. This makes it easier to determine and eliminate the cause of these defects in upstream process steps.

As far as we know, our systems are the first in the world which can perform crack testing and 3D surface inspection automatically and at the same time. The light source is an innovative blue light, the wet flux system is integrated directly in the sealed test booth.


Our customers' performance requirements range from simple detection tasks to following highly complex robot paths in quality assurance applications. Among other things, we make it possible to quickly scan complex curved weld seams. And with extremely low false positive rates.

The parts inspected by us range from small springs to steel parts weighing several tons. Our customers tell us that we are the leaders in this field.
Our customised robot-assisted inspection systems can be used to meet a wide range of performance requirements:

  • Robot-assisted detection and controlling of the product quality
  • Robot-assisted measuring and testing systems
  • Robot-assisted inspection for automated non-destructive testing

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