Sensitive robot systems

Sensitive Robotersysteme


Through our software solutions, we can effectively and comprehensively deploy the sensitive abilities of collaborative robots. In this way we realize solutions with particularly high process reliability and quality.

Even if highly complex, highly accurate or even dynamic robot movements and forces are required, we can offer appropriate solutions. In particular complex manufacturing processes as well as sensitive assembly processes benefit from our technologies.


  • Force and sensitive handling
  • Compliant robot behavior
  • Haptic robot functions
  • Expanded responsiveness to variable environmental conditions


Highly complex robotic motions, force impressions, compliances and haptic functions of the robot are flexibly adjustable with our solutions and can be dynamically varied if necessary. We know how to use the robot so that its sensitivity is optimal. We also use the various sensor information that a collaborative robot captures to optimize the robot function.

The result is control systems that enable the robot to react intelligently and in variable real-world conditions in real time.


  • Intelligent deburring systems
  • Mounting systems