Flexible robotic systems

Flexible robotic systems


In the age of mass specialization, lots become increasingly smaller and variants become more dynamic. In response to this development, we have developed flexible collaborative automation solutions.

These also make automation economically profitable for small lots and high variants. In particular, when it comes to the flexible setup of robot processes, our customers trust us. We have developed our own software solutions that make setting up the robot even faster and easier.

The result are systems that can be adapted to new tasks within a few minutes. These adjustments can be carried out by the user himself. Time-, cost- and knowledge-intensive robot programming is thus completely eliminated.


  • Automation can also be used economically with a high variety of variants and small lot sizes
  • Independent set-up of new process sequences for the robot within minutes
  • Increased efficiency and simplicity compared to classic teach-in functions
  • Flexible adaptations to changing production processes


For a fast and easy setup of process sequences, you can take the robot in your hand and simply make the desired robot movements ("Teaching by Demonstration"). In intelligent user interfaces, you can set the process parameters efficiently.

The basic functions of the robot are extended by a wide range of proprietary software solutions, which make the learning process much more efficient and easier. For example, we eliminate intelligently, unneeded degrees of freedom of movement of the robot, compensate for possible shaking movements, and subject trained movements to automatic plausibility checks. Intelligent safety and material logistics concepts are used for the subsequent automation of the process you set up.


We use our solutions for the simple and highly efficient setup of robot processes in various applications of the collaborative automation.