Collaborative measuring and testing systems

Collaborative measuring and testing systems


We combine our competence in robotics with the know-how of our partner companies in inspection.

The result is highly innovative, novel automation solutions that optimally match the complex technical features, special features and general conditions of test technology and robot-based collaborative automation. With us you get all the components of a complex measuring and testing system from a single source.

This allows you to trust a smooth handling of complex projects of the collaborative test automation. Some of our solutions are unique worldwide.


  • Quick and smooth project handling
  • Lean measuring and test systems, which can be used flexibly in any location, process or task


Collaborative robots and complex measurement and testing technology are combined to form collaborative measurement and test systems. This will enable the new possibilities of collaborative automation to be used in the field of measuring and testing technology.

Robot-based test assistants are created with completely new application possibilities, for example for the assistive test-like sideline inspection or for flexible inspection in manufacturing processes close to the production process.


Typical applications for collaborative test and measurement systems are:

  • 3D-molding
  • Gap and flush testing
  • Welding test
  • Dimensional stability test
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