Palletising / Depalletising


Smooth destacking and stacking is particularly important at the start and end points of integrated process automation systems. Through numerous successfully implemented projects, we have proven that we can solve a wide range of tasks involving depalletising and palletising for our customers.


  • Easy to use thanks to functional/intuitive user interfaces
  • High system availability through modular assemblies and time-tested software functions
  • Palletising or depalletising of heavy components and repetitive tasks no longer need to be performed manually
  • The production process is permanently optimised


A common problem for fully automated depalletising and palletising using industrial robots is that the exact position of the work piece on the pallet isn't known. Reasons for this include the allowable tolerances in the palletising standard or position changes during shipping (e.g. by truck or lift truck).

These problems can be solved using a variety of methods, a key area of our service portfolio. The following solutions are available, depending on the customer requirements and complexity of the palletising process:


In 2D measuring, the pallet goods are detected automatically by an image processing system and the position coordinates are sent to the robot controller. Depending on the application, this can be implemented as either a sensor-guided (system integrated in the robot gripper) or static (sensor above the pallet goods) system. Reliable and exact palletising of the work pieces is ensured this way for both versions.


Similar to 2D measuring, the in plane position of the work pieces to be palletised or depalletised is measured. An additional height position is determined as well – and thus also the current stacking height on the pallet, if applicable. This is performed by a laser scanner, which is capable of detecting the height profile of the pallet goods and sending this information to the robot controller.

Mechanical Measuring System

Another position detection method is sampling of the work pieces with a mechanical measuring sensor. In this case the theoretical position of the work pieces is compared to previously defined reference positions in order to calculate the exact position.


We have already solved many different palletising and depalletising tasks, from picking of cast parts to loading wheels. We can destack and stack virtually any type of work piece onto any pallet format.