Handling Sandcore


Handling of all manner of work pieces involves picking them up with a robot-mounted gripper and placing them precisely at a defined location. Automated parts handling improves the ease and speed of transitions between related fabrication steps, optimises the process flow and lowers the production time.


During the handling process, various measuring methods are used by the robot controller to detect the position of a work piece. This ensures reliable pickup by the robot even in case of potential placing position deviations. Automated picking of the component is performed with a gripper designed for the work piece. We offer a variety of gripping systems for this purpose, customised to your specific handling tasks and your work pieces. Our portfolio includes pneumatically activated gripping systems with gripper fingers (force or form fit), gripping systems with suction cups, gripping systems with magnets and gripping systems with flexible pickups for gentle handling by powerful industrial robots. Then the component is moved to a defined destination, where it is placed reliably and with millimetre accuracy.


In 2D measuring, the work piece to be handled is detected automatically by an image processing system and the position coordinates are sent to the robot controller. Depending on the application, this can be implemented as either a sensor-guided (image recognition system integrated in the robot gripper) or static (sensor above the component) system. Reliable handling of the work pieces is achieved by both versions.


Similar to the 2D based handling process, the surface position (x and y coordinates) of the work pieces at the picking location is determined. A height position is determined in addition. This is performed by a laser scanner, which is capable of detecting the height profile of the work pieces and sending this information to the robot controller for precise part handling.


  • Handling heavy components and monotonous activities no longer have to be performed manually
  • Integrated automation concept increases handling efficiency
  • The speed of the production process is increased through optimised handling
  • Production times are reduced


From handling wheels or handling and dipping sand cores to handling fragile fine ceramic products, we can develop a corresponding solution for virtually all types of components to integrate your machines. Inspection or rework tasks can be incorporated as well.