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Process chain robotic automation (German)

Boll Automation is your innovative and effective systems integrator when it comes to integrating robot-assisted systems for industrial automation and surface inspection. Our customers entrust us with their most important and safety-critical parts.

Our core competency lies in integrating robotics and intelligent image processing for industrial applications.

Thanks to the unique combination of robotics and optical measuring and inspection technology, we provide customised robotic solutions along your entire supply chain:

From robot-assisted gripping, robot-based quality assurance through inspections and measuring and robot-based rework to automated palletising.

Our goal is to provide our customers with automation, quality assurance and process optimisation solutions. Robot-assisted automation and surface inspection systems by Boll Automation ensure that your production facility is operating cost effectively and with a high level of technical availability.

We develop and implement customer-specific solutions, from the initial evaluation to complete systems with highly reliable systems. Our core competencies in the field of robotics are: Concept development, interface analysis, software development and implementation in harsh industrial environments such as foundries and forges.

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