Pipe Manufacturing / Processing

Pipe production, deburring and handling
Proven in the Harshest Environments

We are accustomed to implementing our solutions - with maximum precision - in harsh industrial environments.

Thanks to our wide-ranging experience in heavy industry, we can also meet the specific requirements of pipe manufacturers. Our expertise in the field of robotics, coupled with inspection and measuring technology, can be put to full use for the detection and removal of burrs on pipe ends and for handling of pipes. We supply a burr detection and removal system which can be expanded as necessary with handling, surface inspection and measuring technology functions.

Due to the environmental conditions, inspection and deburring in heavy industry is extremely hard on people and equipment. In order to relieve employees from intolerable tasks, we have gone to great effort to develop and implement market-leading automation solutions with outstanding performance.

Thanks to the low susceptibility to failure, the fast cycle times and healthier working conditions for the employees, we have been chosen by leading pipe manufacturers. Get in touch with us in order to learn more about the possibilities of automated quality inspections and post-processing of your pipes.

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