Research and Development

Robotics R&D
We place a very high priority on research and development. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of solutions and know-how through internal development projects, and provide incentives and the necessary freedom for our employees' high level of creativity and innovative.

We also collaborate with several leading research institutes and universities.

These close ties and the mutual exchange with the wellsprings of knowledge and the technology of tomorrow have a long and successful tradition with us. Thanks to the rapid integration of state-of-the-art research and development results into our industrial-strength products and solutions, we do credit to our claim of offering services at the limits of what is technically feasible and securing our technology and expertise leadership position for the long term.

The topic of collaborative robotics is a key area of our research and development activities. This is the beginning of a new age of automation, and we are at the forefront with technologies such as investing collaborative robots with the senses and intelligence they require in order to operate productively in unstructured human environments. We are also creating entirely new markets in the fields of fibre-reinforced materials technology and medical technology.